ZenBo – ASUS’ Cute New Creation Offers a Lot of Promising Features

Homes and gadgets seem to be getting along really well because all of a sudden the robotics industry has started taking keen interest in homes more than any other place. Our latest addition to the list of robots who can now be welcomed to your home is ZenBo created by ASUS. ZenBo was unveiled this Monday at the Computex stage by Asus chairman Jonney Shih. The chairman announced that the robot has been created with the goals of “assistance, entertainment and companionship”.

ZenBo has been created particularly for the elderly people of the society and one of the most promising features of ZenBo is that it will have the capability of connecting with traditional as well as smart home devices. It can connect to door locks, lights, television, air conditioners, et al.

The face of the robot acts as a touchpad interface which allows you to play video calls, shop online and stream video content. You can also use voice commands with ZenBo, and the robot can roam around freely in the house.

ZenBo is still an amateur and is learning to do a lot of things, for example, ASUS says that ZenBo will soon have the ability to speak out reminders to its owners and in the future it will also be able to send emergency messages to family members if someone in the house falls down.

Family members will also be able to find out what happened and take control of the situation with the help of the built in camera in the robot. While this may be very useful for the elderly people of the society, kids can find the robot entertaining because it will try to dance along to the music and it can also read them story books from an in-built library.

For the developers out there, ASUS is promoting a ZenBo developer program too with access to the robot’s SDK and necessary information which will help in the development of apps to make ZenBo a success.

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