YouTube Unplugged – YouTube Aims to Cut the Cord by 2017

YouTube is working on YouTube Unplugged which, if everything goes as planned, should be launched by 2017 and will cost you around $35 per month. This will give you live TV without having to pay for a cable connection. While this sounds easy enough for the audience, the legwork required by Google to accomplish this task seems to be tougher than they anticipated. YouTube is trying to get the major players like ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox to sign on and also include as many popular channels as it can.

There is no arguing the fact that no matter what product you market, your audience will continue to change their demands and come up with higher ones. This is why ‘innovate or die’ has become the new slogan for every marketing firm. One of the products that users have got weary of is cable TV. There was a point in time, albeit long forgotten, when cable TV was seen as the sole source of entertainment, but as modes of entertainment bring to us newer ways and methods, cable TV somehow sounds dated and old technology.

So what do we want now? With ‘cut the cord’ becoming a topic of heated discussion, we are all aware that the audience needs more than just cable TV. Although we still have a lot of TV fans among us, most of us would love to get the same service through different forms of media. The internet seems like a great place to watch live TV and YouTube seems to be intent in making it happen.

YouTube intends to offer ‘skinny bundles’ of the networks which are based around categories like funny, movies, sports, et al. So far the internet has not been able to pull away enough people from the use of cable service, but if YouTube makes it work, television networks can look forward to a new era.

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