YouTube Red Showcases its First Episodes of Original Series

Original shows which have been made for YouTube’s subscription service YouTube Red have now been released. This is YouTube’s step into the war of original programming. YouTube has announced that the first four Red Originals will be premiering on February 10th. The service is available in US only. The YouTube Red users will be able to exclusively stream the four programs which are Scare PewDiePie, A Trip to Unicorn Island, Lazer Team and Dance Camp.

If you are located outside the US then you will be able to purchase these programs through YouTube or Google Play Store. YouTube’s subscription service is still in its nascent stage and this is going to be a great step to increase the popularity of the service. Many curious users may take up the service to enjoy the shows. Additionally, this also creates a bigger platform for YouTube celebrities.

One thing that may catch your eye is the inability of users to check the view count. For a service that has always relied on view counts to find out the credibility of a video, this seems to be quite against the way YouTube works.

Not showing the view count is common in Netflix and Amazon however, we were not anticipating YouTube to follow suit. It appears that YouTube may not be competing with Netflix or Amazon. On the other hand it may be creating a completely different type of service for its users which will help them monetize on the site’s top stars.

YouTube says that it intends to share most of the revenues of the YouTube Red with the partners whose videos are been watched through the service. This can be of great help to the entire community. The service is available for users at $9.99. While there is no announcement of the service being made available to audience around the world. We would expect it to reach the rest of the world if the service becomes a success.

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