Xiaomi releases in China Mi TV3: A 60″ 4K TV powered by Android for less than $800

Xiaomi Inc, a private company from China, has its headquarters in Beijing. As reported by Forbes, Lei Jun, the founder cum CEO of this company is the 23rd richest person The Company recently introduced Mi TV 3, a 60-inch TV that operates on modified Android 5.1 Operating System. Here is some additional information about the company that makes interesting reading:

The company designs and produces consumer electronic goods like Smart phones, mobile applications and TVs. This company is the fourth largest producer of Smart phones, of which it sold more than sixty million pieces during 2014. It employs more than eight thousand personnel; most of them are based in China, Singapore and Malaysia. The company plans to expand its activities to additional countries, including India, Indonesia, Brazil and Philippines. In fact, it has already started its operations in India during July 2014 and has since expanded speedily.

Other than that, Xiaomi makes investments in start-up companies which design a number of products including power banks, air purifiers plus fitness gear. These start ups may form a part of Xiaomi’s portfolio. During December 2014, Xiaomi turned out to be the most worthwhile technology start up, worldwide, on getting funding of US$1 billion from its investors, envisaging their confidence in the company and its products and policies. Consequently, Xiaomi’s valuation crossed a whopping US$46 billion mark. For long, the company was selling through Flipkart only, but on 7th April, 2015, it included Snapdeal and Amazon.com as its partners, thus breaking the monopoly that Flipkart enjoyed.

The Xiaomi Mi TV 3

In line with the earlier models of TVs from this manufacturer, Mi TV 3 is extremely thin, measuring just 11.6mm thick (at the thinnest point) with thickness of 36.7mm at the thickest point. Mi TV 3 is a powerful TV with a display of sixty inches.

Display & Audio

Xiaomi's 60-inch 4k M TV 3

This third generation TV from Xiaomi is provided with a decent 4K ultra HD panel from LG that should suffice to guarantee a first class picture reproduction. The Mi TV 3 comes packed with an outstanding audio system which Xiaomi portrays as a “world-class independent sound system.” An interesting aspect of this TV is its screen, sourced from LG. Xiaomi is known for its most appropriate sourcing of components and the best thing is that they don’t keep this information away from their customers.

Talking about its display, Mi TV 3 contains a 4K LG panel and has a color range of NTSC 85% and MEMC motion compression that delivers superior motion picture quality. Its panel comes with an aluminum frame in diamond pattern. It is anodized in two colors while the back plate is metallic.


Connectivity options it provides are: HDMI (x3), VGA, Ethernet, USB (x2), RF modulator and AV. Its other significant specifications are: – MStar 6A928 processor (4K 60fps, Cortex – A17 quad-core 1.4 GHz), Mali-T760 GPU, 2GB RAM, Wi-Fi8GB on-board storage plus Bluetooth LE v4.1. It is also loaded with built-in speakers that include four 2.5-inch mid-range subwoofers that offer clean sound and really deep bass.

Over and above all that’s mentioned already, connectivity part of this third generation TV from Xiaomi includes 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac 2.4 GHz/5HGz Wi-Fi accessibility together with Bluetooth 4.1 a powerful quad-core processor for depicting graphics along with chick TV controls efficiently and a 2GB RAM/8GB package for local storage. This TV model has HDMI 2.0 ports. You get an equal number of ports in most models of LG’ smaller 4K TVs.

Viewing angles & contrast

In addition, the light design of this TV incorporates its foremost display, which has a thickness of 11.6 mm only and is equipped with IPS-level 178 degree viewing angles in conjunction with a decent contrast ratio of 1200:1 at a 60Hz refresh rate for extremely flat picture and motion in 4K UHD graphics.


The see-through Full HDV

The latest Mi TV 3 has a couple of other features up its sleeve to stamp its individuality on the product. These comprise of online HD plus 4K content, accessibility of web applications. It also includes one 4k chic engine which is meant for making a full HD content appear clearer and crisper than usual.

Central Processing Unit

Another appealing feature of Mi TV 3 is that its central procession unit is a split unit that’s put up together in TV’s self-regulating sound box, named as the “Mi TV Bar”. This entire thing gets connected to the TV itself and opens up the TV’s MIUI TV, Xiaomi’s Android-based stylish TV platform. However, you can attach Mi TV Bar to extra TVs and display gadgets. In simple words it means that you can detach the central processing unit of Mi TV 3.

Mi Bar

Xiaomi's Mi TV Bar

In its latest model, the manufacturer has included an exceptional idea and calls it “Mi Bar,” which divides the TV in two segments consisting of display or monitor and one sound bar. You can upgrade each segment independently. The company, through its website, assures that this TV won’t ever become obsolete. You can connect the Mi Bar or sound bar to any projector or another TV for switching it over to a stylish TV. The Bar contains a self regulating sound system, Mi Box and mother board of the TV. Xiaomi claims that the mother board constitutes 20% of the entire cost of the TV.

TV Processor Connected To MiTV Main Board

The best part of TV processor is that it is connected to a MiTV main board which can be detached and connected to another display unit, using its MiPort cable. The other important advantage is that, in due course of time, you can change the main board of this model of TV to improve its performance without replacing the TV completely. The main board is contained within the housing of the speaker and has a processor. It implies that all the significant hardware of this model is housed within the speaker box, thus transforming TV to a monitor only. There’s just one cable connecting the TV to the speaker box. The rest of the paraphernalia are connected to speaker box and not the TV. In case the equipment needs repairs, you simply change the speaker and not the whole TV.

Availability in the US

At the moment, manufacturer have not divulged when the Xiaomi Mi TV 3 will be ready to enter the US market.

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