Worried About the Screen Space on a Smart Watch? Skintrack Solves Your Problem.

With screens getting bigger and better as new devices, especially smartphones are introduced to us; we have adapted to easy maneuvering on touch screens. That is exactly why smartwatches are still not as common as smartphones. They have screens that are way too small when compared to the big touch screen devices we use.

So we ended up with an interface which was cramped and more often than not we fat-fingered the icons only to return to the home page and begin again. This was the problem. An inherent to human nature of coming up with a solution for problems, a Carnegie Mellon Research Lab has introduced technology that extends the real estate of your touch screen.

I am not talking about physical extensions to an already bulky phone. The team at the Future Interfaces Group which is a research lab in the University, has come up with technology that turns the skin on your arm to act like a touchscreen.

The team has created a ring which you wear on the finger. This ring emits signals which help in the communication of the skin with a sensing band on the watch. When you touch your skin with the finger that wears the ring, a high frequency electrical signal surges through your arm. This creates a system which allows you to do whatever you want on the skin of your arm and it is replicated on the smart watch.

The technology used is still a prototype but with the skin working as a canvas, there is so much to explore and an awesome factor that could now be associated to the already cool smart watches. This opens new avenues for apps created for smartwatches. Developers will be able to do a lot of things now with users having more space to work on the screen.

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