Will Apple and Google bid together for Kodak Patents

It is rumoured that Apple and Google, these two companies which have been in a fight for the top-spot in recent times in the mobile phone industry, have joined forces. Yes, incredible as it may seem, the two companies will join efforts to acquire the 1,100 patents that Kodak currently holds, as Kodak is currently going through the process of bankruptcy.

United by a common interest

But do not celebrate love yet, this union comes after both companies have failed in their attempts to acquire the patents bidding for them seperately. Furthermore, the main reason to join forces is for saving money on the legal procedures involved in acquiring these valuable patents. This proves to be an interesting relationship between the two Tech Giants!

Kodak requested bankruptcy (to take legal protection) last year. At that time the company had $5.1 billion in assets and was 6.75 trillion dollars in debt. The company that has been in the photographic industry and has a history of 132 years, hope to emerge from Chapter 11 bankruptcy by the end of the first half of 2013, as long as they can get the financing from the sale of assets such as these patents.

The truth is that it’s good news that Apple and Google join forces to acquire the aforementioned patents, because this would result in more choices of features when you take pictures with smartphones and mobile handsets supplied by either company. Furthermore, obtaining the same patents, improvements can then be made on Android and iOS systems.

i.e. for the most popular existing devices on the market.

For now though, both Apple and Google declined to make statements regarding this matter. How will this venture end? Well probably, the three companies will be immersed in the legal process for a while before any announcement will be made.

Old style Camera with seperate Lens picture

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