Wikipedia Eliminating Encyclopedia Research Use

Wikipedia has finally defeated traditional print based Encyclopedias in popularity with Researchers and Students. This increase in popularity has been marked by the end of the Encyclopedia Brittanica’s print version of their Encyclopedia after 244 years of supplying information to the world in print format. Although Brittanica will continue in a web based format the end of the traditional Encyclopedia Books that are so well know means an end of an era for information sharing and information reference.

With its billions of pages on all subjects Wikipedia seems to be the go to source for information by students and professionals these days. Some may doubt the accuracy of Wikipedias articles (as they are submitted by Wikipedia editors, that may not be experts in the particular fields they are submitting knowledge about). But the editors at Wikipedia are vigilant when it comes to unsupported information and referneces on the site.

The below info-graphic image shows the growth of Wikipedia and how it has redefined Research in recent times.

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