Who moved my car?

Researchers Have Developed Ants – Ant Robots – Who Can Move a Car

Recently, I feel like I’m being bombed with new research advancement every day. From robotic clones of dead ones to ant robots that can move a car. Is there any field that has been left untouched by the invigorated tech world? I can hardly think of any such industry that has not been applying robotic science to stay at the forefront. In the universe of robotics, every new breakthrough is of great importance because when they are put into application along with other techniques, they can transform the way an industry works.

A group of researchers at Biomimetics and Dexterous Manipulation Laboratory at Stanford University are studying the manner in which friction works for tiny robots who can pull thousands of times their weight. To put it to test, a team of six micro robots that weigh about 3.5 ounces in total managed to pull a car that weighed 3,900 pounds.

I have never undermined the outstanding capabilities of robots but this is simply amazing. Biomimicry is common place in research labs where the structure of animals, birds and humans is used to replicate robots. These robots take their inspiration from the busy ants who can carry weight a thousand times of their own. The robots work in a synchronized manner to slowly pull the car. While individually, the robots may not be able to accomplish such huge feats, together they have the ability to perform bigger tasks.

The micro robots get massive cooperative force when they use three of their legs at the same time. The researchers considered the dynamics of the team of 6 robotic ants and not just that of individuals when they considered this task. While they are tough individually too, the powerful way in which they function together makes their project stand out.

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