What the F*** is that?

WTFIT Bot Identifies Objects in Photos, Helps You Know Your Surroundings Better

How often have you seen a picture and not known what it could possibly be or what it is called? An architecture, a building, an animal, a plant or a thing that you are unable to recognize. It puts us in a position where we continue to rack our brains to get an answer. WTFIT can probably be your answer the next time you are in a situation like this.

WTFIT is a Facebook Messenger bot which identifies the objects in a photo. All you need to do is upload the photo that you want to recognize and you will get an answer to what it is. WTFIT will identify the photo and reply in a few minutes. This is an automated service which can be helpful for many users. The WTFIT bot is learning as many new images pour in.

The bot is still in the learning curve but it has learned a lot. It can identify over 240 celebrities and it gets most of the objects right. Most of the times, the bot also identifies the color of the object which sounds pretty cool.

Using it is easy and it does not take a lot of time to return the results. You can either get started by visiting the WTFIT website or by logging into Facebook and looking up the Facebook page for WTFIT. The friendly bot will welcome you once you are in the messenger, and it will ask you to send images which it will identify for you.

In a world where new things are being invented and people are traveling across time zones every day, we come across a lot of new objects from time to time. It may happen because of a difference in region, culture or simply the lack of knowledge, but with the WTFIT bot, your flustered mind can get some peace.

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