Unlimited OneDrive Storage goes Limited

Microsoft’s latest announcement for Office 365 home and university subscribers is that OneDrive is no longer unlimited. This drastic change has been justified by Microsoft as a way to avoid misuse of the storage space. The company stated that a few users were storing PC backups, extremely long hours of video recordings and entire movie collections, taking advantage of the unlimited space provided by OneDrive.

The following changes will affect the OneDrive users:

  • Office 365 users will now be getting 1TB of OneDrive storage space instead of unlimited storage.
  • Microsoft will retire the 100GB and 200GB paid plans and introduce a 50GB plan for $1.99 per month. This will be effective from next year.
  • Free OneDrive storage will see a reduction from 15GB to 5GB.

With these changes in place, customers will have 12 months to reduce the size of data stored in OneDrive. All Office 365 users who have data in excess of 1 TB stored in OneDrive will be notified and they will have access to their files for 12 months from the day the changes are made effective.

Similarly, OneDrive users who are using more than 5GB of data will continue to have access to their files for 12 months. Office 365 subscribers who feel that Office 365 does not meet their requirements any longer can choose to get a refund on a pro-rated basis. Meanwhile those who have already subscribed to the 100GB and 200GB plans before the changes took place can keep their existing plans.

Microsoft’s slashed storage space takes away an important feature from OneDrive, affecting its sales pitch when competing with its rivals. The unlimited tier gave Microsoft an edge over other companies, while the free storage of 15GB was also considered to be a good deal among the users. With a reduction in them, users may move to competitors.

For more details please visit Microsoft Official page.

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