The Smarttress Lets You Spy on Your Partner in an Incredibly Devious Way

We have been getting creative with surveys for a long time now. Every now and then a weird survey comes up that has some equally weird repercussions in the society. While we can talk about lots of surveys, the one that is the focal point of our attention today is a survey conducted by French Institute of Public Opinion and dating site Gleeden. According to the survey, the Spanish are the most unfaithful in the world. This survey became the basis of innovation for a Spanish mattress company, Durmet.

The company has very innovatively created a solution that can compete with mainstream ways of finding about an infidel partner. The ‘Smarttress’, as the company calls it, is a mattress that can put an end to infidelity. It has a Lover Detection System which is made of 24 ultrasonic sensors which can help you track suspicious movement in the bed. The mattress sends information about the movement it captures to both the bed owners through a mobile app.

Quite interestingly, the app gets into a lot of details when sending information to the bed owners. It includes a range of statistics like the speed and intensity of the impact. The mattress company has supposedly added a 3D map to the app as well which will show you which part of the mattress is being used in the act. Strangely enough, this seems to be getting a lot of attention from the people and Durmet may have the chance of getting more mattresses sold this way than ever before.

At this time the product can be ordered online through the website and has an iOS and Android app too but the ordering will redirect you to the website from the app. So if you are keen on finding out if your partner finds you to be his or her one true love then Durmet’s Smarttress can make things easy for you.

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