The Iconic R2D2 Gets Wings

Star Wars has taken over the internet with the latest movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The popular science fiction series has been garnering a lot of attention for the better part of the year as Star Wars fans awaited the latest movie.

The very popular R2D2 has made it to the news a few times as well. This time, the robot has been transformed into a fully functional drone by cinematographer Donny Melara in conjunction with LA-based photography firm, Air Cam Shots. It is the world’s first flying R2D2 machine. The drone has been named Arturo.

The drone bears stark similarity to the R2D2 seen in the movie. The addition of four propellers makes the machine take off into the air. The bot also showcases LED lights at the beneath its feet which looks ultra-cool when the robot is flying in the air.

To complete the visual effects, a speaker box gives the drone whistle and beep sounds making it a perfect flying robot. The droid has a camera attached in its eye. In addition to this, it has a DJI GPS autopilot system. The video of the R2D2 drone went viral on the internet as Star Wars fans fell for the remarkable drone created by Donny Melara.

This is not the first time that Star Wars has inspired innovative minds to create collectibles that feature in the movies. Star Wars fans have created a market of Star Wars stuff. While lightsabers may be most common, we also have a R2D2 mini fridge that was introduced this year among the many Star Wars collectibles. The mini fridge is mini only when it comes to the capacity, the price is not something that a budgeted Star Wars fan will be able to afford.

The R2D2 drone is not available in the market yet, but it may get attention from a lot of Star Wars fans if it makes it to the market.

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