The Battle of Paint Brushes: When the Robots Painted!

The Steel Battles for Art, this can be appropriately said when 26 robots from different universities gathered together for the first ever Robot Art contest. Andrew Cornu is a nineteenth century art collector the founder of this competition. The out of the world idea of merging bots and art came from his boundless love for art and technology. He says it is indeed inspirational to see all that technology in action. This being the first ever competition and seeing such beautiful artworks by the robots, undeniably sky is the limit, lots more to achieve.

26 Robots which were designed by the students from all around the universities from US participated in an Art Competition to show the world a glimpse of capability of artificial intelligence. The public gets to vote for the best artwork and the winners would be announced on the 15th of May. The founder believes that it is not necessary that an art can only be defined by the critics; it is defined by how meaningful and enjoyable people find it. The non-profit organization of Cornu funds the innovative ideas that are ignored by the profit focused investors. An amount on $100,000 would be awarded to the winning robot; the amount will go to the school or charity of the one who wins.

The University of Konstanz participated in the competition as well with its robot e-David built by Professor Oliver Deussen. The one armed robot powered by PC, e-David had five paintbrushes and a palette containing 24 colors. The University of Manitoba was also one of the 26 participators along with their Pinna snake robot which looked like a green snake toy and was custom made to work paint from music. It danced to indie rock music and improvised its brushstrokes into a random abstract painting. Likewise there were 24 more universities who created their own design of robots who took part in the robot art competition.

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