Tesla Home Battery – a Step Towards Sustainable Energy Solutions

Tesla has been delving into a lot more than just cars. Last year, it announced the Powerwall which meant to change the way power is used in your home. With everything moving towards being greener and cleaner, this announcement was welcomed by many homeowners. Not that we do not have batteries of a similar kind in the market already. There are batteries that are charged during the night and homeowners can then enjoy using energy from those batteries during the day. These batteries can be charged from different sources of energy one of these being solar panels.

When Elon Musk made the announcement, about a year ago, he claimed that the Tesla Home Battery was capable of taking your home off the grid. The battery that is being offered by Tesla may not have much to do with taking your home off the grid, at least not as much as the number of solar panels in your house or the wind turbines that you have. These will be the real answer to whether you can rely on the Tesla Home Battery completely or not.

Not only does this mean that you have to rely on it for just one day, sometimes you may need the sources of energy to create enough power that it lasts even on the days when the solar panels are unable to generate enough power.

More than anything, the Tesla Home Battery is a beautifully designed device. The company has put a lot of attention to detail when it came to the design. The Powerwall battery system will cost you somewhere between $3,000 and $3,500. The battery requires professional installation, so depending on the model of your house, you may have to pay additional charges for installation.

While you may be thinking the amount sounds pretty inexpensive, you must remember that you will be paying that money for the battery alone. It does not include the solar panels you will need for harvesting all the energy. You will also have to invest in an inverter which helps you use the energy for your home.

This Tesla Powerwall battery can be used for home or business use. The Powerwall is a rechargeable lithium ion battery which can be mounted to the wall of your home. One of the best things about this battery is the design. It looks more stylish than its competitors. An interesting part of the announcement of the battery made by Elon Musk was that Musk does not consider the Powerwall to be the only thing used in American homes after a certain number of years.

Instead, he says that he hopes for the Powerwall to be the reason why many innovators may delve in batteries and come up with creative solutions for the energy problems of the world. He does not envision the Tesla Powerwall to save the world from all the energy problems, but what he does hope is that the Powerwall will motivate others to create products that can provide reprieve from energy consumption and the environmental costs involved in it.

While the company had introduced a 10kwh battery and a smaller 7kwh battery, it has very recently removed all signs of the bigger battery from its website. This leaves us with just the 7kwh battery which is more viable for those looking to power their homes with the Powerwall for their daily power needs.

While the change happened quietly, a Tesla representative confirmed that the company had done away with the 10kwh battery option. This means that the company is focusing on meeting the daily power needs of the people who need a battery backup rather than relying on the Powerwall alone for all their power needs. In January, 2016, Musk had announced that Tesla is working on new options for the Powerwall which may come out in July or August this year.

These new versions will have more capabilities than their predecessors. Since the launch of the Tesla Powerwall, the company has not seen a very positive response. At this point we are not aware of what changes the new versions will have so at this time we are still left to speculate.

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