Technology Takes a New Turn – Funn Magazine Introduces the World’s First Holographic Magazine

Innovation knows no boundaries and creative minds around the world surprise us with amazing new inventions that change the way we experience life. Funn magazine is set to bring the world’s first holographic magazine to us. The project is on Kickstarter right now and aims to achieve great heights with this creative magazine.

How does it work?

The magazine is available in print and there is a digital version of the magazine as well. Every single page in the magazine has interactive holograms, videos and buttons. For you to use it, you scan the pages using your smart phone or tablet. You will find images and videos popping up. It will give you the experience of augmented reality and virtual reality.

The magazine covers a variety of topics because the Funn Magazine team wants to keep the magazine cool and light-hearted. The magazine includes topics like new technology, video games, music, movies, travel, food, architecture, etc. The eclectic nature of the magazine makes it good for everyone.

Some of the features of the magazine are:

  • You will be able to view floating 4D videos. Some of these videos can be paused by simply tapping on it. At other times, when you tap on the video it will take you to the next video.
  • The 4D images and objects in the magazine are hyperlinked and you will be able to access further content by going to the links.
  • Tapping on the 4D captions will give you details about the clothes that are worn by the people and you can access the website for the clothes’ brand as well.
  • When you tap on 360 spheres you will experience virtual reality like the inside of a store.

If the project gets the funding it requires, it aims to start by January 2016.

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