Sunrise to be Integrated with Microsoft Outlook

On Wednesday, Microsoft declared to shut down the popular app Sunrise which they bought for $100 million in 2015. For the Sunrise lovers; the app will be seen till the 31st August, 2016. As an alternative the company promises to roll out the features of Sunrise into Outlook.

Sunrise was designed by previous Foursquare engineers and soon had a huge fan following for its flawless integration with different online services, even information and social network sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Calendar.

The team of Sunrise clarified in a blog post when they bid farewell that they were unable to update the app. No bug fixes and no new features. They mentioned that this was not what they wanted their users to experience.

The team is now engaged in integrating the app into Outlook and are trying their best to work their magic by keeping all the wonderful features which Sunrise had like event icons, calendar apps, interesting calendars and many more. The team is poised that the users will find the special touch of Sunrise in Outlook too.

Sunrise offered to its users that none of its rival apps had; incorporation with a varied choice of other calendars and a complete list of choices from sports stuff to Television. Now that Outlook integrated Sunrise into its system it means that the users of the app will follow the app and get trapped in the Office ecology and Microsoft is using this to fix their roots in the mobile market.

Last year Microsoft had also bought the German based task manager Wunderlist and with the Sunrise obliteration through, a similar destiny can be expected for Wunderlist too.

As we bid farewell to Sunrise the question which arises is will Outlook be able to provide the same touch as Sunrise?

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