Stepping into the Holiday Season with Black Friday

As customers and retailers gear up for the holiday season, Black Friday which will be celebrated on November 27 this year will see customers flocking stores for some of the best shopping deals of the year. While Black Friday turns into an extended weekend with it being followed by Cyber Monday, retailers are yet to disclose their Black Friday advertisements and the deals that customers can look forward to.

As retailers compete every year to open the stores as early as possible and reach the highest sales, outdoor gear and sports good retailer, REI has decided to close all its stores on Black Friday. This is a bold step being taken by REI, which has announced that they are encouraging people to opt out of shopping and enjoy the day by spending time outside with family and friends.

Some predictions for the day are:

  • Black Friday sales may see a slump as people resort to online shopping rather than standing in a queue for hours.
  • Retailers have started introducing special deals in advance, diluting the effect of Black Friday.
  • We will hear of new store opening timings as retailers will try to beat each other at the earliest opening time.
  • Cyber Monday is getting better year on year, and there is a possibility that deals may get sweeter on Cyber Monday.

Black Friday still remains the one day that provides record-breaking sales opportunities to the retailers. The day is symbolic of the holiday season as shopping for the holidays begins on Black Friday, which is why opting out of shopping may not sound like the best idea for many people.

Last year, the National Retail Federation reported that 86.9 million people shopped on Black Friday which was lower than the year before. As shopping through mobile platforms has become increasingly easy for customers, many may choose to drop the queue and stay home and shop.

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