Step into the Future with Delivery Robots

Step into the Future with Delivery Robots

Skype’s co-founders Ahti Heinla and Janus Friis have established Starship Technologies, which will be a part of the robotics industry. The company aims at solving the “last mile problem” by creating delivery robots that will deliver products to the homes of customers.

Although the company is still in its early stages, it envisages changing the face of retail marketing through delivery robots. The company plans to run a pilot project by the year 2016 in UK and USA. The robots can be employed by online marketing companies so when a customer places an online order, the robots will bring the parcel to their doorstep.

The reasons why it makes sense to use these delivery robots are:

  • The robots are small in size and do not take up road space as they will be travelling on sidewalks.
  • The robots are envisioned to run on electricity, making them environment-friendly to a certain extent.
  • The robots are meant to travel at a very slow speed which means they can halt quickly avoiding imminent hits.
  • The robots choose the safest route instead of the shortest one; this reduces road risks and ensures the safety of your parcel.

The last mile?

“The last mile” is hardly meant to be taken literally, it is the distance you cover from your home to the store and back again. With considerations of the parking and the time spent in bottlenecks during peak traffic hours, delivery companies as well as customers often end up spending a lot of time and energy.

With the delivery robots taking charge of deliveries, people can stop worrying about unnecessary trips to the stores. Starship Technologies will also be a success among the aged and disabled who can use these robots for fulfilling shopping chores which would seem very difficult otherwise.

While we wait for Starship technologies to bring a fully functional robot to the market, we hope that the change in the retail delivery system will be our next step into the future.

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