Steam Machines – Moving PC gaming to your Living Room

Valve has launched its first set of Steam Machines and by the end of the month we may see a few more being rolled out. The company has a total of fourteen different models that will be launched, and the first wave includes three machines that have been launched. Right now, three steam machines from Alienware, Zotac and Cyberpower are available and can cost you between $499 and $1,499. In addition to this, gaming enthusiasts can buy the Steam Link and the Steam Controller for $49 each.

Steam Machines are meant to bring PC games to the living room. The machines work on the Linux based Steam OS and the steam controller takes away the keyboard and the mouse replacing them with a controller to enhance the entire experience.


The fact that the Steam OS is yet to be explored by many developers, games are mainly available for Windows and Mac for now. The concept of Steam Machines has been around for a couple of years now, and the delayed start may affect Valve as Microsoft has upgraded to Windows 10 which is being more widely accepted than its predecessor. This means gamers who may have made the switch earlier may consider exploring their gaming experience on Windows 10 before moving to the Steam OS.

Valve’s vision to bring PC gaming to the living room is currently being fulfilled by Alienware, Zotac and Cyberpower steam machines. All of them have excellent configurations and provide amazing graphics to create a great gaming experience.

The Steam controller is also a great addition however; the design may not be completely satisfactory for all gamers. Some of the buttons seem to be too small. While it does render a console like experience gamers will be looking forward to enhancements on the device to make it more gaming friendly.

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