Star Wars R2-D2 Mini Fridge – Chills Six Cans at a Time and Costs A Fortune

In the month of June this year, Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise created a substantial excitement among Star Wars fans; The R2-D2 mini fridge which was unveiled as a part of the merchandising. While the price remained undisclosed, Star Wars fans were aching to own one of these life-size R2-D2 refrigerators.

Ever since the mini fridge has been made available for pre-order, we’ve heard sighs all around the world at the extravagant amount of money this remote-control fridge justifies for itself. The price tag of $8750 USD (¥1,077,840) is a hard pill to swallow for fans who could hardly find it rational to break a bank for a fridge that can chill only six cans at a time.

The fridge has been flawlessly replicated by Haier with authentic lights and sounds. The robot moves just like it would in the movie. It comes with a two hour chargeable battery and it can be navigated around your house or office with the help of a wireless remote control.

The cost of luxury is usually high, and the fact that this luxury is also a Star Wars merchandise has made the exorbitant price look justifiable. Star Wars fans can still buy other merchandise which does not involve a huge sum of money. As the holiday season sets in, Star Wars merchandise is being sold like hot cakes for holiday gifting and for those who like to collect them.

While we are enviously happy for the elitist Star Wars fans that are going to own this astounding Star Wars merchandise, the rest of us would just have to sit back and drool over it waiting for the R2-D2 to get affordable, or a genie in the bottle to make us exceptionally rich.

If you have the means and a Japanese address, you can pre-order your R2-D2, here.

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