Spotify Rolls out Video Streaming to Android

Spotify announced in May last year that the company is going to introduce videos and podcasts to its streaming service line-up. While the launch date was being speculated at that time, it sounded promising to be able to watch videos as well.

On January 25th, 2016 the VP of Spotify, Shiva Rajaraman, told the Wall Street Journal that an update for Android is being made available soon. The next day, video streaming finally arrived on Spotify on Android devices. So now, you can do more than just listen to music through Spotify.

Spotify has collaborated with entertainment giants like ESPN, Comedy Central, BBC, NBC and Vice for content. If you wish to access this new feature, go to ‘Browse’ and then select ‘Shows’. You can also select the ‘Video’ option in your library.

You will be able to look for content providers and you can also follow shows or create a playlist of a set of videos that you can watch just like you create your audio playlists. Spotify envisions to suggest videos that are connected to your music preferences.

Spotify is supposed to bring the same features for iOS users as well. The company does not seem to have any immediate plans for desktop users in the form of a desktop app yet. Most of the Spotify users are still music fans which mean that the video feature will take time to gain a wider audience.

Most of the clips that are currently available are short. The videos are ad-free unlike the regular versions of YouTube. At this time, you will be able to watch them without a subscription which means that Spotify is not monetizing on the videos yet.

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