Software Developer of Tor Flies to Berlin Running from FBI

In their attempt to hunt down criminals FBI has been ardently looking to hack Tor; a browser which helps you hide your exact location. They tried to approach Isis Agora Lovecruft and sought her help in testifying a criminal hacking investigation and expected her to appear in court.

Fearing the federal agents would compel her to weaken Tor – exposing hundreds of innocent Tor users open to spying and hacking. So when the agents from FBI advanced her and her family last year on Thanksgiving she quietly left the United States of America for Germany.

Lovecruft said in an interview with media that she was concerned the FBI would ask her to do something which would hurt people and also prevent her from informing them about what was happening. The FBI however denied to give any comments and quoted a policy where they could neither accept nor deny about any investigations happening in present.

Electronic Frontier Foundation is an association which backs internet freedom has taken up Lovecrufts cause. A senior staff attorney at EFF, Nate Cardozo explains that their principal objective is to bring back Lovecruft to her hometown and the threats of summons explained or done away with.

Lovecruft is one of the developers who is closely familiar with the inner workings of Tor and was aware that FBI has managed to hack Tor users earlier and had obligated Carnegie Mellon University also to join the task. Fearing to be entangled in FBI’s apparent battle against hackers, she booked a flight to Berlin and just to avoid suspicions she booked a return flight which clearly she didn’t intend to take.

Without informing any of her close ones she left for Berlin from San Francisco on Dec 7, 2015. Although Cardozo from EFF is firmly says that there has not been any violation of laws both he and Lovecruft admit that FBI may have a genuine reason to have been looking for her help.

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