Smart Battery Case – Apple Loses On Aesthetics for the First Time

iPhone 6 and 6S users have been criticizing the battery life of the two devices which may not be enough for power users. There are many battery cases which already provide the extra battery life but Apple has finally come up with its own battery case for iPhone users. The slip-on case is available for $99.

The case may not be aesthetically pleasing for many users who would find the bump to be rather unwanted. The bump is the first thing that you will notice in the case. For a company that aims at pleasing the crowd with its looks, this case may come as a surprise to many Apple users. The material used for the case is similar to the material used in standard iPhone cases sold by Apple. This renders a smooth feeling and a nice grip.

The battery case has an 1877 mAh battery and it has built in antennas to make sure the case does not interfere with the reception of your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. If you are an Apple fan and choose to use Apple products over anything else then this case is perfect for you. There are many other battery cases which may be able to offer much more in terms of battery life and looks at a much lower price.

The battery case has made its entrance during the holiday season and Apple may be able to show a higher number when it comes to sales of its latest cases. The battery cases may become perfect gifting solutions, but once the holiday season is over, we may be able to figure out how well Apple’s smart battery case is doing in the markets. The smart battery case is certainly a new venture for Apple and there is a possibility that we may soon see enhancements in it for a better battery case later.

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