Simple media maintenance using the multifunctional Biblio Mobile StaffStation

Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems has successfully establishes itself as a provider of next-generation RFID technologies. Impressive presentations Bibliotheca RFID Library Systems this year, 98-th of the German Conference of Librarians in Erfurt, made clear to all that with its comprehensive presentation of the numerous product innovations and innovations in RFID technology, Bibliotheca confirmed its position as a leader in innovative technologies. An absolute highlight was a demonstration of next-generation software BiblioCockpit. New tailor-made to order software with unlimited choice of configurations and cabin as a central platform configuration and monitoring the entire installation RFID has attracted great interest.

Another center of attention was the new Biblio IntelligentShelf – installation, which allows visitors to check the publication or the media directly.

The new portable hand reader is clearly more than just a further development of the familiar BiblioWand models. The new Biblio Mobile StaffStation is in fact a user-oriented, multifunctional and extremely lightweight device which, in conjunction with a laptop, can be used for media maintenance as well as offering a whole range of additional features. The very high reading speed is particularly striking: the device can reliably detect up to 500 shelved media in one minute. This is an outstanding performance compared to other mobile reading devices currently available. There is now a wide range of possible search criteria – in line with the requirements of modern practice. The Biblio Mobile StaffStation also fulfils the requested improvements in terms of operating convenience, memory, performance and service life. The reader and the slim yet stable antenna are surprisingly light, weighing just 700 grams.

All actions are carried out conveniently from the laptop, which is placed on a fully-fitted BiblioCart, a narrow carriage with smooth-running rollers, barcode reader, label dispenser, independent power supply and much more. In addition to inventory taking, the Mobile StaffStation can also be used for media checking or conversion purposes. And this is not all: data migration, data update, data model checks or data model updates are other potential functions. The device can also be integrated into the BiblioCockpit environment, the management platform for all new Bibliotheca products. Communication between components is wireless.

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