Santa Sleigh Gets a Facelift – Reindeer Retire and Robots Take Their Place

The overwhelming presence of technology in our lives can sometimes be unsettling. If you have been reading stories about Santa and his reindeer to the kids Boston Dynamics is here to change the way children look at Santa’s beautiful sleigh. The American engineering firm which develops technology for the US military has turned some of its robots into reindeer by adding fluffy antlers.

The Google-based firm is known for its ground-breaking technology used for the US military designing robots that can carry cargo and those that can be used for rescue and search tasks. The firm added a video to YouTube which showed a member of the staff dressed as Mrs. Claus riding the robot led sleigh. Jingle Bells played in the background as the robotic reindeers make their way across a grassy hill.

Mrs. Claus is seen wishing everyone ‘Happy Holidays from Boston Dynamics’. The video gives a new outlook to Santa Claus who seems to have embraced technology just as well as any of us have. Beloved Rudolph seems have been replaced by mechanical creatures who may have antlers but who lack the endearing charm of Rudolph.

The robots are surely a great invention, but reindeer have an effect that can’t really be achieved by these robots. Some things are just meant to remain unchanged. While the US military may have great use for these robots, Santa’s traditional sleigh looks better than the robotized version of Santa’s awesome ride.

After all, magic has its own charm, and the world is not ready to give up on the beauty of magic as Santa makes his trip around the world within one beautiful night. I still don’t want to stop hanging stockings and putting up reindeer miniatures on my Christmas Tree.

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