Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S was unveiled in Las Vegas, USA on 5th January, 2016. The tablet has been developed by combining Samsung’s first-rate technology powered by Microsoft Windows 10. The company has integrated all the prevalent features of tablets and laptops, providing the user with access to a frivolous complete notebook PC functioning tablet for a fecund cellphone experience, even when you are on the move.

Samsung has the balanced features of its Galaxy Tab with the richness of Windows 10 functionalities for the most unconventional tablet experience. Samsung and Microsoft have together developed a two-in-one tablet which just let people enjoy the output and connections via a flawless device station crafted for all purposes.

Galaxy Tab Pro S – Design

Samsung hasn’t always been a pro when design of a mobile is concerned. Its earlier flagships of Galaxy smartphones and tabs have all been made with plastic which are not too attractive to the eyes.

However Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Pro S’s design is a breakthrough in the company’s list of devices. The device is an absolute stunner and features a 12” convertible’s gorilla glass in the front and slight rubbery back are contained in a chic metallic frame.

The company has designed the tab to be used in landscape. It could be a problem for some who wish to use the tab as an e-reader standby while traveling to work.

The Galaxy Tab Pro S features a bundles keyboard dock, which the other convertible devices like MateBook, iPad Pro etc. don’t offer. It saves its buyers $120 for such keyboards.

The slim keyboard acts as a screen cover for your tab once you close it and you can flip it in your bag without worrying about any scratches that your screen could get and can survive a few encounters with ease.

There is just a single USB Type-C charging port only, no full sized USB ports or any micro Display Port. There is no port for a back-up micro USB either. When it comes to connectivity you need to spend more cash in order to get a multi-port adapter, else you will find yourself zeroes out on connectivity. Samsung had designed the Galaxy Tab Pro S especially for the people on go but without connectivity the device cannot be used for long.

The keys are of full size and function well but they are not tactile. However in comparison to its competitors the keyboard has a much better feel and look. The magnetic keyboard is perfect and holds the tab in its place and wraps around the tab perfectly and securing it tight.

Galaxy Tab Pro S – Display and Performance

The Galaxy Tab Pro S features a Super AMOLED display with a 12” screen of 2160×1400 resolutions. AMOLED is a technology that displays darker and richer blacks of the phone, and it is attained by electrically charging every pixel to produce colors. The dark and deep blacks help the color to reflect more and give your screen a wonderful appearance. Super is used because Samsung screens don’t have high power consumption and the touchscreen is integrated directly on the display instead of layering it separately on top. The device covers 99.9% of sRGB and 86.6% of Adobe RGB which is used by many photographers and artists.

The screen of the Galaxy Pro S works well for balanced browsing or video screening.

The tablet cleared all the screen tests put to it, making the screen of the tab undoubtedly the best.

The configuration of the tablet is sluggish and has a dual core Intel Core M3 processor and a 4GB RAM; surely for such a wondrous tablet Samsung could have done better. There are tablets in the market that feature M processors but have 8GB RAM. For your daily tasks the Tablet is fairly fast however if you switch to something more there a few discrepancies that crawl in. Many apps tend to crash.

You tablet will easily survive nine hours if you fully charge it. Samsung has managed to load the bares when it comes to camera; both the front and rear cameras are 5MP.

Samsung could have wowed the reviews for the tablet if they included an active stylus but you would need to pay an extra amount for Galaxy Pro S Bluetooth Pen.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S is a perfect gadget for those who are always on the go as it is satchel friendly.







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