Rightscorp “Next Generation Technology”: Scalable Copyright

Rightscorp published its results for the year 2015 this week. The company recorded a net loss of $3.43m, a notable rise from the $2.85m loss recorded in 2014.


The company has very few clients and need to expand its copyrights. In United States the Internet service providers are not very fond of copyright trolls like Rightscorp. They target valuable customers who at times erroneously conclude that their provider has been spying on them. The problem is when Rightscorp demands compensation, all to be delivered to the internet subscriber by their ISP.


Rightscorp accused its falling revenues on reluctance by the ISP’s for not paying the automated fines. The company remains strong and declared that it has devised a plan to streamline its business. They say it could be accomplished by the “next generation technology” called Scalable Copyright, which will move warnings and settlement demand away from ignored mails and move towards a more hostile method of delivery. The subscribers will receive all the notices in their browsers. Single notices can be read and bypassed but in the Scalable Copyright system once the internet receives a certain number of notices, they will not be able to bypass the screen till the payment is made.


The idea of “wheel clamping” a browser is neither new nor very attractive, the company seems to be confident that it can influence ISP’s to go along with them.


Although the Internet Service Providers have the ability to hold their customers to ransom on the behalf of Rightscorp, but the question is why would they do so? There seems no benefit for the ISP’s in all this, as this process will only annoy the customers. However Rightscorp seems to have a different perspective, and says that the system will be beneficial and cheap for the ISP’s.


According to the MPAA/RIAA Copyright Alerts program the number of warnings that can be sent to a single subscriber is limited to avoid being labeled as repeat infringers. However, Rightscorp has been recorded to send as many as 112 notices to a single Comcast user within 48 hours over the sharing of a single torrent.


For Rightscorp to accomplish its goals and generate profits for itself it is important that their plan works which will not be possible without the co-operation of the ISP’s.

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