Review of the Acer Aspire Laptop, R14 and AIO PC Aspire Z3-700 with Windows 10

At a conference in Taipei, Acer unveiled two new devices supporting Windows 10, which were the Aspire 14 notebook Convertible and the amazing Aspire PC Z3-700 (all-in-one) with a battery built in. Interestingly, Aspire is one of the first companies to adopt Microsoft’s Windows 10. While other models of Smart phones like, for example, the “Jade Premium” rely on Windows 10 mobile technologies, both the Aspire 14 and the Aspire Z3-700 still follow the conventional computer systems, especially the Z3-700, which has not yet gained popularity in the desktop scenario as it prefers to rely on its brain and motherboard built into it to give the impression of a bigger size tablet.


The Aspire R 14

If there is a design with style, it is the Aspire R 14. Its exterior, with a diamond cut brushed façade and its 360 degrees hinge design renders it a product of enviable standards. ITS 360 degree hinge design allows the machine to adopt four mode positions as a display, laptop, tablet and tent. Built around the innovative technologies like the Cortana Personal assistant and the advanced Windows 10, the Aspire plays its role of a notebook par excellence. It also uses the Edge Browser from Microsoft, and locks on to a large keyword display and mouse by virtue of its integration of Continuum, which represents a sequence that is continuous, where adjacent elements do not appear to be a continuous sequence though they are not discernibly different, but distinct differences are seen on the extremes.

The 360 degrees hinge with dual torque design practically allows you to switch from using it as a tablet or a PC. This Aspire R14 Notebook offers a display of 14 inches and is supported more than adequately by the multi-touch, 10 point support that Windows 10 provides. Furthermore, the Intel Sixth generation core processor integrated within, offers you an option to go in for either the Core i5-6200U or the Core i7-6500U. This innovative Notebook supports Intel HD Graphics 520, storage of 512 GB SSD using a Wi-Fi ac / MU-MMO technology (without an HDD option) and an 8 GB Ram (DDR3L).

Acer has now climbed onto the bandwagon of devices from diverse manufacturers, by designing its individual hardware for Windows 10 implementation and application. The sixth generation chipsets from Intel-core, a slimmer hinges configuration and enhanced design are some of the innovative changes that the Aspire notebook R 14, has wrought on its earlier version of the same name. Though the Aspire R14 is only a 14 inch notebook, the flexibility of the hinge gives it the leeway for it to be positioned in angles and positions. This notebook has a thickness of 18.5 mm and a weight of 1.59 Kg.

Its other features can be summarized as below:

A perfect combination of the wireless networking 802.11ac and MU-MIMO multi-user technology provides this Aspire R14 notebook a tremendous boost for its performance enhancement, and when you add then its 1/0 velocity with a 3.1 USB with a connector Type C, you see a surge in performance in power, speed, procedures and pixels.

The Air Gap set at zero offers you brighter visuals and enhanced visibility both indoors and outdoors. The Audio technology from Dolby and Acer’s own True Harmony Plus offer not only the provision for clear effects in Cortana and Skype, but also clarity in the reverse channels, compatible with the position of the display. The dual audio technologies add to enhance your listening experience and the presence of Skype for business certification helps you with instant and clear communication with every corner of the planet. Additionally, you have access to the Purified Voice technology from Acer to filter typing sounds and modulate your voice.

Picture Clarity
Degradation of the screen picture of the Aspire R14 notebook is prevented by a special treatment called anti-smudge, which resists the accumulation of grime and oil. Acer further has integrated its “Bluelight Shield” technology to comfort your eyes by reducing emissions and incidence of the blue spectrum.

An 8 hour plus battery life allows you to run the Aspire R14 for almost forever, notwithstanding whether you are at school or wherever, without having to recharge.

Powerful Possibilities

The Aspire R14 boasts of a domineering Intel® Core™ that offers you the true performance and the effects of a laptop with the amazing characteristics of a tablet, all rolled into one, in the same device, presenting amazing possibilities of rapidly editing photos, watching movies and flitting between gaming and spreadsheets.

Acer Aspire Z3-700 portable all-in-one

With the advent of the Aspire Z3-700, Aspire has revitalized the perception of an all-in-one portable device as a proud addition to its stable of existing and proven consumer oriented products. The Acer Aspire Z3-700, on the face of it, resembles a desktop computer, but it is much more. The all-in-one tag given to the Z3-700, though positioned as a desktop, can also serve as a model that you can shift wherever you want without the hassles of unplugging it or messing with wires, to watch a film or see some photos. Preposterous as it may sound, practically, you can use the device even in a taxi on your ride home.

Acer and Microsoft have collaborated to make sure that the Aspire Z3-700 is compatible with and optimized for hassle free integration of Windows 10. The dual digital microphones, for example, effectively negate the background clutter and enhance the speech clarity, using the process of digital signaling, thereby rendering the use of Cortana in a raucous environment, easy.

At the rear of the body frame, are two independently functioning kickstand arms to enable you to prop up the device on a table without any problem, but you must remember to use both the arms simultaneously to prevent the device from tipping over. It proves its mettle as an excellent desk PC in its upright position with its mouse and keyboard in position. With regard to its capacity and speed, you will be surprised at its ability to handle zooming and scrolling heavy inputs with ease without faltering. The vibrant colors on the IPS, full HD bright screen impress as well.

Though the term, “all-in-one may sound a bit incongruous, the device resembles more of a graceful tablet with a pair of supports. Though its 2 Kg weight remains well within the specifications of laptop portability, its 17.3” screen is a mite bigger than what is ideal to carry on a vacation. However, it is ideal to shift around the house in pursuit of the entertainments that you fancy, and its 15.6” thick screen will not be a hassle in terms of space. You can have a wonderful time using the windows 10 apps to stream movies from Netflix and a host of other providers.

It is probably the processors with low power configuration, (probably the Intel Pentium or Celeron chips), and not a huge battery that enables this device to offer an exceptional battery life of over 5 hours on a single charge, and this is indeed a boon for the users. The full HD capacitive (Ten Point) screen, supported by a stylus and kick stands allow you to position this “giant tablet” as you wish. From October 2015, they expect to roll out the product in the USA starting at $699.

At 1.9 Kg and 18.5” thick, running on Intel Celeron, and the advantages of the multiple output and multiple multiuser input wireless technology facilitating transmission and receipt of data simultaneously from numerous Wi-Fi devices makes this device an enthralling buy.

You can use the keyboard, laptop mode, or place the keyboard at the rear of the screen or lay it flat beneath the display in a “Display Mode.”The alignment of all ports is to one side including 3 ports of 2 USB, a card slot for MicroSD and a port for HDMI connection. The provision of a slot for the micro HD card allows for expansion of storage in the event of capacity inadequacy in the device’s internal storage.

Depending on the retailer and the applicable region, the device will have standard features that include a 500GB hard disc or a 32-256 GB SSD and a memory of DDR3L 8GB. Intel Celeron N 3050 or 3150 may sometimes replace the Pentium in some models. The UK pricing starts at around £400, subject to promotional discounts.


The truly exceptional sound in both the Aspire R10 and the Acer Aspire Z3-700, have the blessings of the Dolby Audio and Acer’s incredible technology, “True Harmony Plus. Both devices also enjoy the stress free viewing, thanks to Acer’s Bluelight Shield technology.

Acer is now concentrating heavily on its development of its Predator Gaming technology, to compete with other brands like Asus’ “Republic of Gamers.” The prospective games would contain gaming notebooks to counter Predator 15 and predator 17, in addition to bringing on their equivalent to the Predator G3 A and the G3, not to speak of its own version of the new 35 inch curved display of the Z35 model encompassing a 200 Hz refresh speed and G-Sync from Nvidia.

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