Opera: Free Out of Box VPN service

On April 20, 2016 Opera became the first browser to include a free and unlimited Virtual Private Network (VPN). You no longer have to download or pay for VPN subscriptions in order to protect your privacy while browsing on public Wi-Fi or access any blocked websites.

For now Opera has added the native ad blocker but a free and unlimited VPN client will soon be integrated in your browser.

VPN’s are normally used either to avoid geo-blocking or for privacy purposes. Opera supports IP’s from Germany, U.S.A and Canada, it also encrypts web connections when you are connecting to an open Wi-Fi which could steal your passwords, if you login to an unencrypted website.

VPN’s can be useful to bypass firewalls or bypass censorship mechanisms of some countries to connect to family members abroad. Also, there are some countries that do not allow many news articles to be accessed by its residents, VPN’s are helpful in getting through these sites and reading those news articles.

Globally people use VPN’s for various purposes and some of them are:

  • To access good entertainment content – 38%
  • To keep secrecy while surfing – 30%
  • To access country’s restricted networks and websites– 28%
  • To access restricted websites at workplace – 27%
  • To communicate with family or friends staying abroad – 24%
  • To access country’s restricted news sites – 22%

VPN’s services are normally paid but if there are any free VPN’s they have limited monthly bandwidth whereas Opera plans to provide everyone with free unlimited VPN without any subscription in hand. This momentous step taken will also increase the web privacy and security for Opera users.

For now the new VPN enabled Opera is available in the developer’s version and can be downloaded from the company’s website. You will be able to lay your hands on the stable version in a few months.

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