Need the Constant Attention of a Mother for Your Home – Bring Home the Robotic Sensor Hub Called Mother

Mothers can get really intrusive trying to constantly keep a track of whatever we do; and now a team of innovators have created a robotic sensor hub which can monitor almost everything in your home. They have quite aptly named it Mother. With the constant monitoring it does there is hardly any other name that could have suited it any better – we certainly don’t mean that we do not love our mothers – just that this robotic sensor hub personifies them so well.

The company behind this splendid concept is Mother is supposed to be incredibly smart and she has the ability to monitor anything that you care about. Are you wondering how this works? Mother works with the help of mother sensors which are known as motion cookies. These motion cookies can be affixed to anything which needs to be monitored. These slick motion cookies use a combination of different technologies to analyze specific movements, check the temperature and detect the presence of people at a particular location.

Unlike other sensors which are usually used for a particular task, these motion cookies are highly dynamic and can easily adapt to monitor something new. calls them chameleon sensors because of their ability to seamlessly acclimatize to a new task.

Using a variety of apps, you can have Mother measures how well you brush your teeth and how much you have walked or if you are drinking enough water, in fact it also watches your sleep. Sounds creepy? Not if you want to monitor you sleep habits.

Affix a sensor to the door and it works as an alarm, use it to track if you are taking your medications on time or not. Creepy or not, this robotic sensor is as motherly as a robot could get.


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