NASA’s Valkyries Are Being Honed for a Mission to Mars

NASA’s plans to colonize Mars is not just a far-fetched dream. It has been working on it for a long time and we now have robots who will help in the construction of habitat for human explorers to Mars. But with the idea of one step at a time, three out of the four sister robots have been shipped to three different universities in Massachusetts and Scotland. The aim is to hone the skills of these robots named Valkyrie with the help of the professors and students in these universities.

One of these have reached the University of Massachusetts-Lowell where the Northeastern University and UMass-Lowell have partnered on a two year project to make improvement on the software of the robot and to enhance its abilities.

Another robot has made its way to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the third one has been shipped to the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. NASA has kept one of the Valkyrie robots at the place of its creation in the Johnson Space Center, Houston.

The 6-feet tall humanoid robots weigh approximately 300 pounds and were originally designed a few years ago to compete in a contest related to disaster relief robots which was hosted by the U.S. military’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Now, NASA is trying to look for expertise which will help in crafting the robots into space mechanics. A lot of considerations must be made if the robots have to survive the environment at Mars. NASA aims to land humans on Mars by the mid-2030s which gives it time to build a robot that will be capable of landing on Mars in preparation for the humans who may land in the future.

While Valkyries can be the ones to help NASA achieve their aim, if not, their descendants may be the robots who will be able to make human life possible on Mars.

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