Music Stories – Facebook’s Latest Story

Music Stories is Facebook’s most recent endeavor for users who would like to preview and buy music through Facebook posts. The feature is available only on the iPhone application of Facebook for now and there is no information on whether Facebook intends to bring it to the Android platform or not. With the Android market growing day by day, it is only expected that we may see Facebook expand its horizons and reach out to the Android customers as well with Music Stories in which case downloads from iTunes may not be supported.

How does it work?

Music Stories is integrated with Apple Music, iTunes and Spotify so if a user likes a certain song or an album, they can share the link to it on Facebook simply by pasting the link in their status update. This will create a 30-second preview of the song or album which can be viewed by others.

For users who want to buy the songs or save them to their Spotify, Apple Music or iTunes library can simply click to proceed with buying the track or saving it if they have a subscription to the streaming service. Facebook also intends to extend the integration to more music streaming services in the future.

The Future

Facebook has launched Music Stories not just as a feature to buy music but it would like users to see it as the ability to share their favorite songs and albums and talk about the music artists and their history or trivia about certain albums.

It can become a great feature for artists and bands who can reach out to their fans directly through Facebook’s Music Stories. They can post previews of their songs and albums through their profiles and pages.

While music is an area which remained unexplored by Facebook for a long time, the introduction of My Stories may pave the path for reaching out to the many music lovers.

If you are an artist and want your songs to be reached out to more number of fans, then you must visit Facebook’s Music Stories.

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