London Riot Croydon Shop Fire

Most recent updates on the London riots on Monday 8th August 2011 at 10pm in Croydon a historic Victorian building is ablaze still and being raised to the ground. A well established Furniture Warehouse store located in a building that was built originally in the 1800’s has been looted and set on fire. The fire brigade appear to be having no affect on the massive blaze in this Victorian building and the fire seems to be raging unchecked. There seems to be no signs of fire engines or the large police presence or flashing blue lights your would expect to surround such a blazing inferno.

Croydon Furniture Warehouse on Fire 2011 Riots

Meanwhile elsewhere the rioting continues to expand across the country reaching as far from London as Birmingham. Rioting and looting in Birmingham starting around the Bull Ring area has been occuring and groups of youths are thought to be moving towards the Jewellery Quarter area of Birmingham. As the name suggests the Jewellery Quarter is literally an area that is packed full of Jewellery stores selling everything from Gold, Silver through to Top Quality Diamond Jewellery and expensive watches. This area would obviously interest looters greatly and needs to be protected by police. As well as Birmingham there is looting at Clapham Junction that continued with no visible presence from the police in the area. Reports showing large gangs of young looters breaking windows in shops at Clapham Junction. A Ladbrookes was looted with yobs seen trying to remove flatscreen televisions from the walls and generally causing destruction.

As this wide spread looting and rioting continues it seems at the moment that the police have absolutely no control of this situation. Something drastic needs to be done soon to halt this unruly behavior that has spread across London and now the rest of the United Kingdom!

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