Is Amazon’s Video Direct a Challenge to the Video Whoppers- YouTube or Vimeo?

Amazon is all set to take on YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo and other online video platforms. The retail company launched its online video services where users can upload videos and be paid royalties as well. The viewers can watch the videos for free, buy or rent the content with advertisements. The Prime members of Amazon can benefit an ad free version with additional benefits. The company offers access to proficient television shows and movies through Prime Video.

For now the videos can be viewed in Germany, USA, Austria, Japan and UK. Using Twitch the company streams user made clips on video games.

The process of uploading the video is cumbrous than its competitor YouTube. Before you can upload your video you need to go through numerous steps which require you to fill in your social security number and bank details. There is a specific size of picture that you need to upload which is 1200 x 1600 pixels and 1920 x 1080 pixels, make sure you have a sound imaging program. The procedure necessitates you to put in information about crew and cast even if it is a minor speech that you are giving facing the camera.

It is compulsory that you give a caption to your video while uploading on Amazon video services. These services are free when you are using Vimeo or YouTube but Amazon directs you to online firms which will help you create a caption for a certain amount. Unlike other video platforms where an uploaded video can be viewed immediately a video uploaded on Amazon will take anywhere between 3 to 5 days before it is available for viewing.

Although there are some lucrative offers for the users uploading their videos but the process is prolonged and there are charges to be paid. Will Amazon be able to make it big on the video platform with rivals like YouTube and Vimeo who already have deepened their roots in this industry?

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