Inventor Builds a Drinking Robot Buddy

Drink with friends, and you can call it a party. Drink alone and you will find yourself in a depressingly lonely situation. This is exactly what South Korean inventor Eunchan Park felt like when he sat down to drink without company. As the inventor remembers the Christmas of 2012 when he drank all by himself, he said, “Drinking alone was definitely terrible! So I couldn’t drink any more”. So Park put an additional glass of Soju in front of him and toasted to an invisible companion. He found that his spirits lifted and found that his taste changed completely and the alcohol tasted even better.

The existence of an invisible partner made such a difference to his drink, that Park created Drinky, his automated drinking companion. The robot raises the glass and slams a shot along with you. You will also see its cheeks turn red as it finishes the drink.

Drinky can keep you company long enough. As man and machine enjoy their drink, the only one who turns tipsy is man. Drinky simply downs drink after drink into a mason jar attached to it. A tube connected from the robot to the mason jar makes sure that all the alcohol is collected in the jar and all you need is to put it back in a bottle and the alcohol can be used all over again.

Art Center Nabi located in Seoul is an art museum which supported Park in his efforts to create Drinky. The museum envisions the humanizing of technology and found Drinky to be a great step towards their vision.

There is no information if Drinky will be put on the market, but if the robot was made available for sale, then it would definitely be exceedingly popular. With Drinky keeping you company, drinking may not be depressing again.



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