Ibuprofen Patch Designed by UK Researchers Can Relieve Pain for an Entire Day

Researchers from the United Kingdom have collaborated with a leading adhesive company to devise the world’s first ibuprofen patch. The pain killer which is currently available in the form of oral medication is used widely by people across the world. It is one of the most commonly prescribed no steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) in the world. Chronic pain sufferers rely on ibuprofen for pain relief.

The team of researchers from the University of Warwick have designed a patch to replace the oral medication. The patch is a safe alternative and can be very helpful for those who suffer from arthritis, neuralgia and similar chronic pain conditions.

The patch is designed to deliver a targeted dose of ibuprofen for approximately 12 hours. The researchers explain that the patch will target problem areas with doses that are stronger and more effective than gels and other external treatments.

The medicine has often been linked to numerous unpleasant side effects when ibuprofen is taken in high doses or for a long period of time. However, these side effects have not reduced the consumption of the pain killer over the many years that the medicine is being prescribed. The effectiveness of the medicine to relieve pain has made it the most commonly used pain killer.

Currently ibuprofen gels contain around 10% of the drug by weight. On the other hand, the patch has been created to contain 30% of the drug. The researchers are continuously testing the patch for its effectiveness before it can be made available to the public.

The patch may make its commercial debut by 2017. Meanwhile, research on the patch and other new generation drug patches will continue in order to deliver the best available treatment to the world.

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