Hummingbird- The New Innovation in Technology

As there is a quote “Take your Passion and make it happen” the young UK guy Peter Craciun has designed the lightest folding bike of the world with the help of his friends Ligia Stan, Robert Campbell, and Piero Frescobaldi.

Evolution of the Idea

The idea of the Hummingbird bike came to the mind of Peter Craciun, when he realized that there is no bike in the market that can be folded and carried along. So Peter decided to design a bike that can be folded and named it as Hummingbird which indicates the Bird.

Features of the Hummingbird

It is a lightweight bike which is made up of carbon fiber and it weighs only 3kgs (6 Pounds), allowing us to carry anywhere we want. This Hummingbird bike is easy to fold and its compact design allows us to carry it even in the elevators, staircase, cars, etc. It uses smart engineering. The biggest innovation of the Hummingbird bike is its folding system. In this bike, the pivot for the rear triangle is near the bottom bracket shell by which the chain tensioner has been removed and this result in the light weight of the bike. It is used for any distances. This Bike can be taken for a ride at any situation, whether it is long distance, short distance, or in public transportation, as it can be easily folded and carried along with us. It has been designed using leading technologies. This bike is manufactured in Britain by using the latest technologies in the market, like rapid prototyping using CAM machines and 3d- Printers.

The manufacturing of the bike is done by using Premium quality materials, and latest technologies. This Hummingbird Bike is classified according to the speeds i.e. single speed or 5-Speed Folding bike.

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