Hello Moto! – Motorola Razr Might Make a Comeback Soon

The company sold more than 130 million devices on its launch back in 2004 and might now be preparing its comeback. The advertisement set in an American School where different teens are seen using the Razr, was posted by Motorola on YouTube. The ad ends with a TTYL (talk to you later) with June 9 displayed at the end which could be its launching date. The caption of the video is ‘Flip back to the Razr days of yesteryear and get ready for the future’.

After its first Moto Razr in 2004 the company launched a Razr 2 that was 3G enabled phone,  dual display, improved audio quality and an external screen which was touch sensitive. Years later Motorola is again set to surprise us.

It is not clear what type of handset Motorola is set to launch; whether it is a remodeled version of its predecessor Razr handsets or a complete new model is yet to be revealed. The company could also be upgrading the specs of older version of Motorola. The 2004 Motorola Razr was discontinued in 2008 featured a 5.5MB internal storage, 0.3MP front camera and a 2.2in 176×220 non-touch display.

The sleekest of all flip phones which were available in the market back then, Moto Razr was a charmer and people flocked to buy this beautiful clam shell phone.

It is guessed that Lenovo will launch the much desired series in San Francisco in the Lenovo Tech World. Till it is revealed nothing can be said about the working and looks of the upcoming phone and whether or not it will have the same charm as the Moto Razr launched in 2004 did is yet to be discovered.

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