Hedy Lamar – Beauty with Brains

Hedy Lamarr is a spectacular example of the fact that beauty and brains undoubtedly go together. The actress and inventor who has stolen the hearts of millions of fans with her jaw dropping performances on the silver screen has also introduced technology that we apply even today in the world of communications.

Early Years

She was born as Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler in Vienna, on November 9, 1914. Her real life story is just as enthralling as the characters she played in the movies. Her career as an actress had started before her marriage when she starred in Gustav Muchaty’s ‘Ecstasy’. The movie popularized her for her bold performance in a sexually stimulating movie.

First Marriage

The same year, she married ammunitions manufacturer Friedrich Mandl who was purportedly supplying arms to the Nazis. While the marriage was short-lived, Lamarr was introduced to Applied Sciences through the many conferences and business meetings in which she accompanied Friedrich. The marriage ended with Lamarr leaving her possessive husband’s household disguised as a maid.


She headed to Paris where she met Louis B. Mayer who took her to the United States where she was introduced as the most beautiful woman ever. She signed a contract with MGM studios and embarked on her new found career as a Hollywood actress. Her first Hollywood movie, Algiers, met with outstanding success and till the 1950’s she had starred in many Hollywood movies which were commended by her fans and critics.

The Inventor

Hedy Lamarr along with composer George Antheill designed a jam-proof radio guidance system. The basics of this design are used in the current world in spread-spectrum communication technology like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks.

Later Years

Lamarr married six times and had two biological children from her third husband. She had also adopted a son by the name of James during her second marriage. She became a US citizen in the year 1953. During the latter part of her life, she lived like a recluse in Orlando, Florida where she died on January 19, 2000.

Her career as an actress and her works as an inventor as immortalized Hedy Lamarr and Google also commemorated her 101st birthday through a Doodle on November 9, 2015.

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