Health Related Android Apps

Good health is the first requirement in anybody’s life and we need a good method of motivation or personal trainer who can guide us to achieve this goal. Nowadays smartphones have become an integral part of our life and this includes the health area of life. Therefore they are proving to be among the best companions through which we can complete our most of the work. It can be related to our profession or our day to day activities. Here we are discussing some of the health related Android apps that can be very beneficial for you. You can stay healthy by taking full advantage of the Health related Apps available on your Smartphone.

(1). Daily Cardio Workout FREE: – This app is an excellent medium to maintain a good cardio routine and 5 to 10 minutes of daily usage can be very fruitful. This app has cardio exercises and they have been displayed by certified trainers. You can stay in a good shape if you are regularly using it. This app is available for men as well as women.

(2). Home Remedies: – It is another free app which can be highly beneficial for all of us. Sometimes we have to spend a lot of money even if the health issue is not big. This app can be helpful to avoid these kinds of issues. It provides us the way through which we can treat some kinds of illness at home and it can assist us to save our money. Install this app on your Android smartphone and enjoy the benefits. This app will explain you everything about the ways through which we can treat some illnesses. Therefore if we are using this app then the chances are high that we have to visit the doctor less in comparison to others who are not using it.

(3). Calorie Counter – My FitnessPal: – Most of the overweight people want to lose their additional weight. We know that it is easy to gain the additional weight but the task is not easy if we want to lose it. Calorie Counter – My FitnessPal is available to provide you the information of calories available in your food. It also tells you about cholesterol, sugar, as well as fiber. You can also get the information of different kinds of exercises through this app. It is also a free app.

(4). JogTracker 1.0.4:- Although the function of this app is very simple yet it is very supportive for us. This app tells you the total distance covered at the time of jogging and it also tell you that how much time you have taken to complete it. The app is available for free.

(5). First Aid: – This app is very important and if you are using an Android phone then you should have this app. It can be termed as a life-saving app and it can tell you the type of first aid required during different conditions. There are different types of situations mentioned in this app and tells how can we handle it. The situation can be handled till the time doctor arrives to the place. Therefore keep this app on your phone. It can save a life.

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