Hacker Craves Social Media Attention in Exchange for Hacked Data

Time to Change Your Password

Hacking has been one of the most interesting and damaging things on the internet. Some hacking attempts start out of curiosity and then we have those ingenious hackers who can cause a lot of damage to companies and individuals. Hold Security is a company which specializes in information security assessment, risk management as well as incident response. The company recently came across a Russian hacker who claims to have humongous amounts of data collected from different sources that have been breached.

These include Google, mail.ru, Gmail, Yahoo and Microsoft. Apparently, getting hold of such data was not very difficult for Hold Security. The hacker was already taking credit for the stolen data on a social media site and it was willing to provide Hold Security with the data it had in return for popularity of its social media pages which was in the form of votes or likes.

Hold Security explained that the first batch of data shared by the hacker did not hold a lot of importance from the breach perspective. It appeared that appropriate measures had already been taken to secure such breach. A very meager amount of the data, 0.45 percent, to be precise was considered new. The hacker did not expect a lot of money in exchange for the data either. He asked for 50 rubles only in addition to the likes on the Facebook page.

However, as Hold Security tried to get hold of more data, it happened to come across data that could be a lot more damaging. The kind that can cause problems for companies and individuals. Mail.ru, Hotmail and Yahoo are the three email providers who were the target for his recent batch of data.

While email companies have a lot of security in place to avoid breach, it is advisable that you change your password if you are using an email address from any of these providers.

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