Google is working on Making Android Auto Even Better

For every sci-fi movie enthusiast who has been waiting for the future to hold automated cars and flying hover boards, Google’s labs has some very innovative brains trying to make these things possible. Google’s I/O conference held this week, announced a few big updates to Android Auto which gave people the chance to peek into the future of cars and automotive interface.

A Qualcomm modified Maserati Ghibli was used to show the new features of Android Auto. The modified car had a new vertical layout 4K screen along with a digital readout which ran a specialized interface model that is currently being called Auto N. The Android phone was also synced to an HD instrument panel screen. This screen displayed instructions alongside speed right in front of the driver.

The recent updates allow the users to use Android Auto without having to connect to the car’s interface which is very helpful for many people who prefer a minimal interaction interface. Later this year, users will also be able to use the car’s Wi-Fi system, provided your car offers a hotspot, to connect to the car which means you can now go wireless with Android Auto.

Another major update that will be made available later this year is the “OK Google” voice command which will help user interact more easily while driving.

While we may not be headed to cars flying over our heads just yet, but the way Google is advancing towards the future, I have no doubt that the universe of auto will be a lot more different than what it is today. The automobile industry has always been a progressive one, so we have our expectations set high from it, and while some wait to embrace the digitally advanced world, there are some who still fear digitization may be the reason for our end.

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