Google Ideas Becomes Jigsaw as It Expands Under the Alphabet Umbrella

Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt has announced that Google Ideas will become a technology incubator under the Alphabet umbrella. It has been christened Jigsaw and it will undergo expansion.

Google Ideas is a lab that has existed within Google for the past few years. Considered as the think tank of Google, it has announced some great initiatives like Project Shield and uProxy. Created five years ago, Google Ideas was meant to provide innovative solutions to problems which sprung up for the next generation of web users as they begin to come online. It also supported an open web and free speech.

Google has chosen the name Jigsaw because it sees the world as a complex puzzle made of physical as well as digital challenges. Additionally, the name also reflects the company’s belief in the fact that collaborative problem solving leads to the best solutions.

As the company’s technology incubator, Jigsaw will be investing in technology and building it to provide easy access to information for the most vulnerable populations around the globe. It also aims at defending the most challenging security threats in the world.

The Google Ideas website will now redirect you to the new Jigsaw website which is The Twitter and Google+ profile have been rebranded as well to reflect the recent changes.

The team’s mission is to use technology to tackle the toughest geopolitical challenges, from countering violent extremism to thwarting online censorship to mitigating the threats associated with digital attacks,” said Schmidt.

Jigsaw will have a lot of familiar faces. Jared Cohen who was the director of Google Ideas will be president of Jigsaw and advisor to Eric Schmidt. It is interesting to see Jigsaw go live. The project may not have garnered much attention from the world but this innovative part of Google is here to make a difference.

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