Google Daydream – The Internet Giant Steps Up the VR Game

Google I/O 2016 has been engulfing us in a storm of announcements and expectations from the internet giant. Just when the world began to get bored dabbling with smartphones and everything it had to offer, Google announced its far-reaching Daydream VR initiative. With this latest Google initiative in the much anticipated universe of VR, things in the mobile world may change very quickly.

Better graphical representation, higher resolution and an advanced set of sensors may soon be the need of the hour in phones that wish to stay ahead with technology because according to Google VR boss Clay Bavor, smartphone-based VR experiences are soon going to take a quantum leap with Google’s Daydream.

Daydream is the name by which Google’s new developer platform and set of engineering standards will be referred to. It may make its way to Android smartphones by this fall. Google began experimenting with VR technology when it pioneered smartphone-based VR with the help of its cardboard based smartphone holder.

While the low-cost helped many people experience VR technology at very cheap rates, more powerful devices like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive made it to the markets and were priced over $500. These devices are computer powered VR devices because of the high processor and graphic requirements for using these devices.

Google intends to make VR technology more mobile and approachable as well. The technology can deliver as expected with the help of phones that have a powerful processor and good graphical representation. We may soon hear of the specs for the smartphones that will be considered Daydream ready, but for now, we simply have a lot of hopes to hold on to as Google tries to whip up the best VR experience that smartphone users can get.

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