Google Assistant and Google Allo Announced

Google Now Is Getting Upgraded and Google Aims At Making It Even Better

At the annual Google I/O developer conference in Mountain View, California, Google announced some very exciting developments which have increased our hopes from the Internet giant. One of the announcements that makes the future look more promising is Google Assistant. It is a somewhat upgraded version of Google Now which means that you can ask questions to Google Assistant and it will return answers and you can ask further questions which can turn into a conversation of its own.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai talked about it saying. “Think of the assistant, we think of it as a conversational assistant, we want users to have an ongoing two-way dialog.”

Google has also built it in Allo which is Google’s upcoming messaging app. While Google Now is an appreciable bot, Google Assistant takes it a step further by trying to be more conversational. At a time when people have begun to lead estranged lives and may need a bot to keep a conversation going, this seems to be a nice addition in our world, and I have no doubt that it will be accepted very quickly and easily into our lives.

We already have competition for Google in the form of Alexa and Siri which seem to be handling conversations really well and it seems to be very information virtual assistants. But with Google being the search engine titan, we have very less doubt about it doing well in this field. It also shows that Google is intent on continuing to provide users with advanced means by which they can search or inquire for things.

They do not intend to limit searches to search engines alone, with Google Assistant. The company intends to make the most of technology by creating a virtual assistant that continues to satiate the ever-so-inquisitive and ever-so-curious world.

Google Allo – Making Messaging Interesting Once Again

If your smartphone still has room for messaging apps then Google just announced Allo which appears to be built on the same lines as WhatsApp. The main feature of this app is Google assistant which is built right in the app. The app will be available for free for iOS and Android users later this summer. It is being designed for mobiles only.

Google already has a messaging app of its own, Hangouts, so why would we need a second messaging app? It appears that Allo is meant to provide a fresh new start to messaging and it has a clean interface which makes it easy to use. The app will include some ingenious innovations which may make it somewhat similar to other chat apps like WhatsApp.

It uses your phone number to get started and you also have the option to connect your Google account to it, but that remains as an option and you can choose not to do so. You will notice the usual sent and received indicators, emoji and an array of stickers that will work for people from different countries.

If you are thinking that’s all that it has then this is just the tip of the iceberg and what really makes things cool is Google Assistant which is Google’s informative and friendly chat bot that helps you get a lot of information, play games when you are bored and it may just indulge in some conversation with you too.

What some people may find really interesting is that this machine never stops learning, and it also offers what Google calls “suggestion chips” which is suggested replies if someone messages you. The replies get better as the machine learns your replies and tries to come up with creative ways of replying under suggested chips for you.

If you had started to fall out of the messaging game, then Allo may sweetly coerce you to join it once again.

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