Give Your Google Apps a Star Wars Makeover

Close to the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Google gives you the chance to choose the “Light Side” or the “Dark Side”. It has no intentions to predict your personality or apprehend you for your choices. This is more of an advertisement of sorts for the highly anticipated movie.

Google has collaborated with Lucasfilm and Disney to create a tool that will allow you to theme the suite of Google apps. You will be able to see the changes across all your devices which make it rather easy. Chrome, Gmail and YouTube are the only exceptions which work on your desktop only.

Google says that the conception of the idea lies among the many Star Wars fans working in Google who wanted to pay a tribute to “Episode VII”. The idea of theming all your Google apps in one click is interesting and you may find it to be a refreshing change even if you are not a Star Wars fan.

Your seeking bars will turn into light sabers and your Google calendar will be automatically populated with the Star Wars events. In addition to these, you will find many other interesting Star Wars elements in your Google experience.

Star Wars fans are finding it to be intriguing as an increasingly huge number of fans share their choice of sides on the social media with the hashtag #ChooseYourSide. An indicator on the homepage will show the balance of forces. If you want to change sides then you can simply go to to do so.

The Star Wars makeover gives your apps a great new look and you can explore the different apps to know more about how the themes affect your apps. Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be in cinemas everywhere on December 18. Google’s Star Wars makes a point that we do not forget this.

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