General Motors’ Euphoric Endeavors in the Transportation Industry – Maven

General Motors emerges as a total winner in the race of providing next gen transportation with its latest program called Maven. This euphoric endeavor of General Motors brings together the efforts of the company in car-sharing services and a team of forty creative brains who are a part of the car technology industry. Additionally, people are being brought in from renowned companies like Zipcar, Google, and Sidecar so that more sharing services can be developed and added to Maven.

You simply have to download the Maven app, look for a car near you. Access the car with the help of your phone up to 8 minutes before the reservation begins. Hit remote start in the app to get the car ready before you reach it. Choose unlock on the app to open the doors and hop in the car and you are ready to go. With a mix of different apps you can stay connected and once you are done, drop the car at the same station from where you picked it.

GM President Dan Ammann had dropped trails of their endeavors when he had mentioned in a briefing to journalists that the behavior of customers are changing dynamically and people are willing to take advantage of new situations like ride sharing and car-sharing. Ammann said that General Motors wanted to take advantage of these opportunities and ensure that they were at the forefront of it.

Maven has started a car sharing trial in Ann Arbor, Michigan where it has 16 parking stations. The parking spots are based around the University of Michigan and will gradually expand to cover spots across the city and then slowly expand to other metro areas.

This disruption in the automotive service has been started because of the imminent period of flux experienced by the automotive and transportation industries. People are beginning to think more about the environment and switch from traditional fuel-based cars to alternative energy sources like electricity.

Companies like Uber and Lyft have also raised the bar when it comes to our car needs. Zipcar also provides cars that you can drive without having to own one. With so much going on in the automotive industry, car-makers have to innovate to make sure that they can monetize through these changes instead of despair about them. GM’s recent moves prove that the company is not going to sit back and allow the industry to move on while they are left behind. Maven is a plausible initiative that will ensure GM stays ahead in the transportation and automotive industry.

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