From Tap-To-Pay to Talk-To-Pay – Google’s Getting Creative but Is It Making Us Lazier?

The tap and pay technology may soon be obsolete if Google’s experimental payment app kicks off. With almost everything becoming hands free with technology, I am thinking my hands are being a little too undermined by tech giants. But that means I can hold a burger in one hand and sip some coca cola with the other and still make a payment at a McDonald’s store.

So far we’ve been going gaga about the Near Field Technology which powers the touch to play platforms. Android Pay, Apple Pay and similar tap and pay apps made shopping really cool and now Google steps it up with Hands Free. The hands free app uses the familiar technology of Bluetooth, WiFi and location services to check if you are at a store that accepts hands free payments. You do not even have to worry about upgrading your phone to one that supports NFC payments any longer.

Are you curious about how it works? Set up the app with your credit card details and photograph. If you are at one of the participating stores, at the time of checkout you simply have to say, “I want to pay with Google.” Once the cashier verifies your identity with the help of the photo that is linked to the app and by asking you for your initials, you transaction is complete.

For now, the app is in its experimental stage and is limited to the South Bay area. The app is currently available on Android as well as iOS devices. At this time, it has been rolled out to a limited number of McDonalds, Papa John’s and local eating joints in the area. Once the early stages of testing are over, Google endeavors to make hands free payment the future of mobile payments. I guess I will have to look for new ways to keep my hands engaged now!


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