Flash Gets a Retirement Notice

Flash has become one of the most disliked plugins among users and Google has followed into the steps of Apple and Facebook by announcing that it will ban Flash banner support from its Adwords Advertising platform. This is being done in an attempt to enhance the experience of the users. Google’s advertising business is going HTML5 which means ads will now have to be HTML5 in order to reach a larger audience.

Video ads will still be able to use Flash but there is a possibility that it may soon be wiped out as well. Adobe Flash has been around for two years and has ruled the Web Space Animation Arena for all this time. It was considered as the standard plugin for playing online videos. However, troubleshooting Adobe Flash was a concern for all users.

Adobe’s relentless efforts to fix this by releasing patches was not very helpful for users, many of them found it extremely annoying. To end this issue, tech giants like Apple, Facebook and YouTube gradually moved away from Flash and began embracing HTML5. Google Chrome and Firefox has also taken steps to block Flash ads. Amazon also recently blocked Flash ads from its site. This shows that gradually companies are choosing to move away from Flash.

HTML5 has gained substantial fame among developers who find it to be a lot better than Adobe Flash. In its announcement, Google said that support for Flash ads in Doubleclick Digital Marketing will end on July 30, 2016. Additionally, support for Flash in the Google Display Network will end on January 2, 2017.

These steps have coerced Adobe into rebranding Flash Player as Adobe Animate CC. Adobe has added some features that will grant some reprieve to Adobe Flash users. One of the features of Animate CC is direct conversion of Flash Files to HTML5 Canvas files.

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