Features of Android Phones

It’s mind boggling for those who are wishing to get their very first Android phone. Why? For the simple reason that most of the Android phones released on the market today are equipped with top of the line features making it much harder for consumers like you and me to choose which phone to go for. Apart from that, cell phone companies who are developing Android phones are coming up with a new model almost every month. What you like now may not be the same phone you are going to buy the next month due to the fast development of phones.

If you take a closer look all Android phones are the same, they are powered by Android as the operating software. They all just differ on the features, the style, packaging, among others.

The following are the basic features you should be looking for in an Android phone:

1. Android software version.
First thing you do need to look in an Android phone is what Android software version is being used. Is it Gingerbread, Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich? The latest one is the Cream Sandwich. So, if you want that your phone will be powered by the latest Android software be sure it is run by Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS).

2. Camera/Video capability.
An Android phone will not be good if the camera or video capability is not top quality. If you are the type of person who wishes to keep a shot of every moment worth remembering, then you want to make sure that the camera and video gives off quality Screen size and Screen Resolution.

3. Memory (expandable/integrated).
If you are out of the many who do love to store photos, videos and other files straight to the phone, you need to have an Android phone with a huge memory. May it be expandable or integrated; it is all up to you what your preference is. Remember, the bigger the memory, the better.

4. Wifi enabled.
Are you the type who always wants to be online and get connected to the Internet wherever you are? Then, it would be best that the Android phone you are going to buy for yourself is Wifi enabled and have a stronger signal. At least, you can stay connected wherever you are as long as you are within a Wifi hotspot.

There you have it four things that you as a consumer should look for when you do shop for an Android phone.

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